Career & Financial Coaching

Action Boards

NEW! Tuesday, February 20 (3-weeks), 7-9 PM. Pre-registration required.

“Vision without action is a dream. Action without vision is simply passing the time. Action with Vision is making a positive difference.” – Joel Barker

Trying to make a positive change in your life? Give yourself the gift of supported, focused time to transform your vision for a brighter future into an action board. According to Neil Farber, M.D., Ph.D., Action Boards are based on research studies in psychology, mind-brain science, and goal achievement. You will have the option to cut and paste inspiring images and words onto a physical or online virtual board (that you can use as a screensaver). The goal is to create a useful transformation tool that you use regularly, not just pretty pictures that gather dust. Late summer is a great time to regroup and set-up a fresh focus for fall.

Financial Peace University (FPU)

Coming in Fall 2018! (9-weeks). Pre-registration required.

FPU is the most important step to changing your financial future. It is your Total Money Makeover Program. It takes knowledge from God and turns it into real action in our lives through a step by-step process taught by bestselling author and financial counselor Dave Ramsey. This is a life-changing program that empowers and teaches you how to make the right money decisions to achieve your financial goals and God’s plan for your life. The course includes practical lessons on eliminating debt, building wealth, giving like never before, and much, much more! You will learn: 1.) Step-by- Step Cash Flow Planning, 2.) Debt Snowball Plan Technique to Eliminating Debt, and 3.) How to Invest Wisely. This group is for the novice, for the financially distressed – AND the financially secure alike.

Job Search Accelerator

Job Search Accelerator: New in 2018! - Three different 6-week sessions

Monday, February 26, 1:30 - 3:30 PM (Register here)

Thursday, April 12, 7-9 PM (Register here)

Monday, June 4, 1:30 - 3:30 PM (Register here)

This 6 week unique coaching cohort is based on the various tech accelerators in town. Each weekly session will include: presentations from subject matter experts (based on the needs of the group), time in the session to apply what you’ve just learned to your own job search, and individualized coaching within a smaller sub-group of four people working with a coach.

Expectations for participation are that you are ready to make commitments to achieve your personal goals and be held accountable to them, and you want to make serious progress toward your next position. There is an application to participate so that we have an understanding of where you are on your search so that we may build a cohort that is in a similar space.

Like other accelerators & UC’s Back to Business Basics, there is a cost of $100.00. However, you have the opportunity to earn back $75 by meeting the milestones that you set for weeks 2, 4, and 6.

Your participation in this group will provide dedicated, structured time to accelerate your search, fill in the blanks of “I don’t know what I don’t know,” and be equipped to carry through to the successful end of your search. You will also have a team to support you, encourage you, and share in the joys as you go, knowing that you are not alone in the job search wilderness. Limited to 8 people.

Job Search

Will return soon! Mondays, 1:30-3 PM. 

Whether you’re reemerging into the workforce by choice or necessity, searching for a new job can seem like a daunting task. During this 10-week series, a new speaker — each with a different area of expertise — will share his or her advice on all things job-related. We’ll begin with résumés, LinkedIn, and networking, and progress to mock interviews and how to ace them. While there is intent behind the flow of the weekly lineup, pre-registration is not necessary, as participants are welcome to join the group at any time. 

Job Search Coaching

Coming in Fall 2018! 

Whether you’ve been in a transition for a while or are new to the search, this 6-week program combines “Basic Training,” with coaching and accountability. The design is to accelerate the speed at which you land your next job. Topics we’ll cover, based on the needs of the group, include the following: résumés, LinkedIn, branding and marketing, networking and interacting with recruiters, interviewing, and communicating your message in the most effective way possible. 

Now What? Finding Career Clarity & Life Direction from the Inside Out

Coming in Fall 2018, 7-9 PM (13 weeks). 

It's never too late for a career change.  Maybe you're working in an industry that's simply not for you. Maybe your strengths are not being utilized. Maybe you're still dreaming about what you always wanted to be when you "grew up" Don't let that fear of change hold you back.  “Now What?” connects you with group coaching and e-mail access to your coach for a more personalized approach. This 14-week series enables you to take those dreams and turn them into a reality. Course fee is $195 with a discounted rate available to those who register early. Space is limited. 

Social Media Branding

Wednesday, February 21, 7-9 PM (6 weeks). Pre-registration required (here). 

Monday, April 9, 1:30 - 3:30 PM (6 weeks). Pre-registration required (here).

In this group we will use a 360° personal brand survey to give you the external insights essential to your career transition or action plans for development. Then we will use this feedback tool to develop your LinkedIn profile so it expresses your unique point of view and attracts the recruiters and businesses who need you. We will incorporate all that we know about Search Engine Optimization to make your LinkedIn profile your “Marketing Magnet!” Led by Certified Social Media Branding Analyst, Diane Kinsella. Cost: $50 to cover assessments, tools, and materials

Strengths Based Career Management

Thursday, April 5, 1:30 - 3 PM (4 weeks). Pre-registration is required (here).

Wednesday, June 6, 7-8:30 PM (4 weeks). Pre-registration is required (here). 

Are you actively or passively searching for a job? If so, this group is for you.

This is a 4-week program for people who are in a “wrong fit” job or in the job search mode. Through the StrengthsFinder 2.0 and other assessments, you will find affirmation, strong language to describe how you uniquely contribute to the world, relate it to your life and work experiences to determine the ways in which you could potentially blossom in a new role or industry. You will have a clearly defined idea of what makes a position a “good fit” for you. You’ll pinpoint what you excel at, and you’ll have the understanding and language to really sell yourself. 


Look for this in Fall 2018! Thursdays, beginning October 5, 7-9 P (6-weeks). Space limited. Pre-registration required.

In this small coaching group, you will be able to consult with subject matter experts from all ages and stages of life to develop your knowledge base and action plan for financial, physical, and emotional success – as you define “success”. We will start with two weeks focused on all things financial, according to what the group members desire. We anticipate some discussion of the following: managing bills, tracking expenses, housing options and how to evaluate, retirement planning, record keeping, etc. Then we will transition to two-weeks of physical and mental health, again as defined by what the group members desire. Suggested topics include the following: health insurance, preventive maintenance/well-being checkups, finding resources when needed for spiritual, emotional, and physical needs, time management, resetting, etc. Finally, our focus will shift to career and professional development and the issues group members would like to address. Some topics might include the following: work place anxiety, working with multiple generations, managing people 40 years older than you, career development, when to move on, and how to search for a job while working.
Cost: $25.00